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It is that time of year again.I have so many this year.This worked for me.

You can try making it this way, it's not so sweet and uses less sugar. (I'm not a fan of commercial pectin or butter in jam)
Fill a microwaveable bowl with 1 kg washed, well drained, strawberries, do not cover.
Put in the microwave for about 15 mins, stir and microwave for about another 15 mins or until the volume has reduced to between half and two thirds of what it was. The strawbs will be fully cooked at this stage, and lots of the water has been driven off.
Weigh the cooked strawbs. Weigh out the same amount of ordinary sugar. So if your strawbs now weigh 600g, use 600g of sugar.
Put in pan with 100 ml of redcurrant juice or you can use fresh lemon juice (from 2-3 large lemons).
Heat gently stirring until sugar is thoroughly dissolved, bring up to a rolling boil boil, reduce heat slightly and maintain boil for about 5 minutes (if you have a sugar thermometer at 104.5 degrees).
The jam will set when the consistency in the pan starts to feels thicker when you stir it, and the bubbles are more evenly sized. Also, when you drip some jam slowly from a cool ladle it will form a "curtain" as you pour, and when the drip separates it will have a slightly jagged edge.
Meant to add: this method works well for any fruit with a high water and low pectin content, such as rhubarb and plums.
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