Pasta Genovese (v)

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Pasta Genovese (v)

Postby Bill Lees » Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:08 pm

A favourite of mine is Pasta Genovese. It's basically potatoes, broad beans, and pasta in pesto with some parmesan cheese, and it is heavenly. Simple to make - take some smallish new potatoes or salad potatoes cut small and boil still in their skins. Boil or steam a quantity of broad beans (frozen ones are fine but we're on the brink of the season for the fresh ones-which are brilliantly better if a bit fiddly to prepare), and cook some pasta (I use dried trofie pasta). Combine all 3 cooked ingredients in a large bowl with some fresh green pesto (make your own if you like, it's fairly easy, but a pot bought from the supermarket is just fine), sprinkle on a good helping of mature parmiggiano reggiano shavings, and tuck in - seemples. It's nice with a bit of chicken if you want some protein with it, and a nice dressed salad on the side - but I reckon it tastes just terrific on its own. Highly recommended. :-bd
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Postby mike » Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:48 pm

Sounds lovely, if not for a cold day like today.

I hope you have started something big here :-)
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