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Welcome to our Alpha Birmingham Secondary Schools Finder

This is a simple tool that allows you to put in a postcode. In response we will list the secondary schools around you and show them on a map. We also include some information about each school and importantly whether you might have been able to get a child of yours into them in previous years.

We take our information about school cut-off distances from the booklet that Birmingham City Council publish each year. We do our absolute best to make sure this data is accurate, but can't make any guarantees that we are 100% accurate at this stage. Other information we use is from openly available data from the Department of Education.

Alpha means that we are just starting to test this in the open and we may well add new bits to it based on suggestions. There is a Comment Form at User Echo that can be used.

Please don't use our Birmingham Secondary Schools Finder as the only way of making decisions about which preferences you make. The council's admissions pages are the definitive place to go to find out about the whole Secondary Schools Admissions process.

We have included schools in our listings that don't only select by the distance you live from the school, such as grammar and faith schools. Academies and free schools can select pupils by different criteria too, so it is important to check the council's admissions booklet to get a complete view of your potential choices.

We hope you find our Birmingham Secondary Schools Finder tool useful.